Friday, August 22, 2008

Sex Lives of Animals

I secretly have been wanting a good excuse to visit the Museum of Sex, and their current exhibit on the Sex Lives of Animals was a perfect reason! It was a wildly interesting exhibit. Who knew that animals engage in oral sex, some creatures have multiple genders, or that there are necrophiliac birds! Here are some pictures of some of the sculptures in the exhibit...

There is something mildly disturbing about watching two fuzzy-cutesy panda bears going at it on video...and even stranger to learn the pandas are actually shown panda porn in order to help get them into the copulatin' mood.

My friends Nick and Peter took the exhibit very seriously.

These female chimps are engaged in the common practice of "gigi rubbing," a term which made us all giggle. (I never heard about homosexuality in the animal kingdom really before this exhibit...)

Behold...two smiling male dolphins! They look so innocent, but male is penetrating the blowhole of the other male! I'll never look at dolphins the same way again...

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susan said...

Wasn't this exhibit crazy? Everything I thought I knew about gay dolphin sex has been blown out of the water.

I just listened to a cool podcast by the NY Academy of Science where they interview the curator, it's here:

Check it out! I never knew monkey sex was so hot.