Thursday, June 12, 2008

Behold, the Telectroscope!

Put on your imaginations, kids. And behold...the Telectroscope! This is a device that uses giant mirrors to see across a long forgotten trans-Atlantic tunnel that stretches from London to New York. It allows folks by the Tower Bridge in London to look through and see people all the way over at the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. So you see them in real time...I spent my time making funny faces back and forth with kids on the other side. Paul St. George, the creator of the Telectroscope, has an elaborate backstory he'd be happy to share with you about how he discovered his great grandfather's research and was able to finish the project on his behalf. But hurry up, kids...this is the last weekend it'll be accessible to the public. (It's located at Fulton Ferry Landing, open 24hrs.)

This is me looking into the tunnel...the reflecting glass makes it hard to see the people we're waving at!

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