Thursday, June 12, 2008

Report from MOCCA Art Festival

Every year the Museum for Comic and Cartoon Art (MOCCA) has an art festival in the Puck Building, which is like Comic Con but way cooler and geared more towards indie small-potatoes like myself. It ranged from big publishers showcasing their latest releases to unknown artists selling their little xeroxed comics for $1. I was amused by the number of comics that were openly the result of wasting time at work--I think it's an emerging genre! And there were a lot of girl artists represented...I guess Friends of Luna is doing their job! (They're a non-profit that promotes girls in comics.) Overall it was really reaffirming to see how much stuff is really going on out there in this thriving genre. And I was thankful I didn't see anyone else working in the same style I work in...phew.
I bought a bunch of books, including the new book by Lynda Barry "What It Is." Here's an example of her style, it's jam packed with thoughts and drawings to digest. Yum!And here's a picture of the creators of the "Action Philosophers," which is another book I bought. The book is educative and hilarious!

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